Special from the Adams Rescue Mission

By Lex McMillan

 The passage above from St. Mark’s Gospel, known as the story of “Jesus and the rich young man,” is familiar to all Christians and many others.  A version of the same story may be found in St. Matthew’s and St. Luke’s Gospels, so the incident clearly made a deep impression on the Apostles.  It also shook up the young man who went away sad because he had many possessions.  Jesus then observes how difficult it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God with his memorable image of a camel passing through the eye of a needle.  Any thoughtful Christian who has been materially blessed must be challenged by this story. I am always reminded of George MacDonald’s comment that “God is easy to please, but hard to satisfy.”

Whatever the source of motivation, it’s clear that the Adams Rescue Mission benefits greatly from our community’s growing philanthropic support.  The numbers are striking.  Although the ARM operating budget has not grown significantly over the past 15 years, the proportion of its income from charitable giving has grown from less than 10 percent in 2007 to more than 44 percent in 2020.  That growing success reflects a lot of hard work by the ARM staff and dedicated volunteers.  Director of Promotion and Development Heidi Acker, who has led the growing giving programs at ARM since 2003, expressed her gratitude for generous donors and how their support reflects appreciation for the Mission’s work.

Although almost half of gifts received come from individuals, other important sources of gifts come from various civic organizations, churches, and local businesses.  Special events like the annual golf tournament, an annual art auction, and this year’s on-line, silent auction in November add to the bottom line.

Like many others in our community, Acker is especially grateful for the Adams County Community Foundation’s annual Giving Spree, which is coming up on November 5. Not only is it ARM’s largest source of “special event” donations, but it also requires the least amount of labor by its staff and volunteers.  In 2020, ARM received almost $70,000 through the Giving Spree.  This accounted for 80 percent of dollars raised through special events.

ARM Executive Director Bruce Dietrick quoted Proverbs 19:17 as he reflected on the community’s generosity to the Rescue Mission: “Whoever is kind to the poor, lends to the Lord, and God will pay back in full what you have given.”  He added, “I don’t think that there is anything closer to the heart of God than rescue ministry.”

For more information about the Giving Spree and how to give: www.ACCFGivingSpree.org.

The Adams Rescue Mission exists to proclaim the passion of Jesus toward the hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted; to accelerate recovery and restoration to the least, last, lonely, and lost.  Lex McMillan is an ARM board member.

To support the Mission: http://www.adamsrescuemission.org/donate-now.