By Lex McMillan

She is now 51 and came to the Agape House last July.  Although she has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for more than 27 years, last year she lost her job, fell behind on her rent, and was evicted.  For a short time, she lived in a shelter in York where she learned about Agape House on the Internet and feels blessed to have been admitted.  “Agape” means “love,” she tells me.  For her, it is an opportunity to get herself in better order, especially financially, and to lay the foundation for a brighter future.

She has severe osteoarthritis in her knees and knows she needs knee replacement. She applied for state disability assistance but was turned down.  After coming to the Agape House, she found full-time work in a local nursing home.  Despite the pain in her knees, she enjoys the work. “I love what I do,” she says.  “I have always loved caring for people.” She’s saving money and learning how to budget her finances more effectively.

She grew up in Baltimore, the oldest of three children.  Her beloved father was a city bus driver.  She describes herself as “Daddy’s Girl.”  He died in his late-50s from complications related to Alzheimer’s.  Her mother is a Licensed Practical Nurse and continues to be an inspiration for her.  She calls her mother her “medical dictionary.”  Both of her parents were religious, her mother a Baptist, her father a Catholic.  Her faith is strong, and she feels certain that God is at work in her life, calling her to a new vocation. “We’re all in God’s hands,” she assures me.

After graduating from high school, she earned an associate degree and then a bachelor’s degree in medical administration.  She married in her mid-20s to a man who was on drugs and became abusive.  That marriage ended after a couple of years.  She has never used drugs, doesn’t drink or smoke.  She has three grown daughters and five grandchildren in whom she takes great pride.  “All are gifts from God,” she says.

A year from now she hopes to be married to the man who she has been dating, have her own place to call home, and have found the path that God is calling her to serve Him.  She is deeply grateful for the support and guidance she is receiving at Agape House. Despite her difficulties, she exudes good cheer, strong faith, and hope for a better future.

The Adams Rescue Mission exists to proclaim the passion of Jesus toward the hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted; to accelerate recovery and restoration to the least, last, lonely, and lost.  Lex McMillan is a board member of ARM.

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